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Being a part of the Kingsdown Cubs Under 8s football team is an incredible experience filled with camaraderie, skill development, and pure joy for young football enthusiasts. The sense of belonging to a team that fosters friendship and teamwork is truly special. The Kingsdown Cubs provide a nurturing environment where every player is encouraged to grow both on and off the field. The thrill of scoring goals and the support from teammates create lasting memories for these young players. It’s not just about the victories on match days; it’s about the shared passion for the game, the laughter during training sessions, and the bonds that form within the Kingsdown Cubs family. Being part of this under 8s football team is an exciting journey that lays the foundation for a lifelong love of the sport.

Kingsdown Cubs

Coach - Jamie Hyde

Hi, I’m Jamie Hyde and I’m am the current manger of the tot, u8’s, I have been coaching for 5 years now 3 1/2 at kingsdown and I did a year at South Cerney, my main aim is to allow the kids to have a fun and a safe place to play football.

I am FA level 1 qualified coach with a in date First Aid and safeguarding qualification as well as an in date CRB check. I have one saying to my players which is ” The score doesn’t matter, all that matters is that they have fun”. I am also a member of the committee for the club.

A bit more about myself I served over 10 years in the RAF as a logistics mover. I am now a lead coach at footy kids in Oxfordshire. I play football for Carterton Town FC, I have a beautiful family with 3 children.

If you require any more info please get in contact
Email: jamieian1989@gmail.com
Phone: 07938751752

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